We understand that urban planning is an expertise which requires advanced comprehensive and thorough vision to optimize the effectiveness of a community's land use and infrastructure. At Technical World, our urban planning consultant's priority is to maximize the benefit of infrastructure development to seed economic growth and environmental sensitivity within the community to create unique places of lasting value. We believe that to create lasting value, each project and community must draw from its unique context of environment, culture, and history to create a sense of place that will endure.

Our urban planning services include following contents basically:

  • Analysis of natural condition
  • Analysis of social, cultural condition and economic development
  • Analysis of traffic flow to propose the most convenient internal traffic planning.
  • Infrastructure, master, block, landscape and detail planning
  • Orientation of business development
  • Consultant to apply for planning permit in local authorities.

To meet international and complicated requirements of large-scaled projects, we cooperate with our long-term partners such as: Obermeyer (Germany), Bluhm & Partner (Germany)...to deliver best adaptable design solutions to our client.

From residential, private houses to public large-scaled projects, even interior and/or exterior design, we consult our clients about architectural solutions with modern, unique style, logical functions, interleaving with plenty of green and free space, which will create a distinguished nuance to each building.

The harmony inside every design is the goal that we always target: harmony with context, with weather, local culture and most of all, harmony with all dreams and expectations of our client, who will inspire the buildings that we cultivate with great efforts.

Beside our creative team, our in-house engineers will ensure that all buildings will be built basing on best architectural and technical basis.

We understand that design consultancy should not be just in paper, choosing us means you chose a partner to accompany you from the concept idea till the last tile of your project was cleaned.

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