Manufacture and progress of mechanical construction is undertaken by Technical World Mechanical Construction JSC., a member company of Technical World.

With enthusiasm and creativity of our engineer team, Technical World Mechanical Construction JSC., researched, developed, installed, finished and applied a variety of machines and complex mechanical parts in particular geotechnical engineering and in general construction industry.

We always use our best creative endeavors and improve technology constantly to produce high-tech mechanic machinery in order to satisfy the most stringent technical
requirements and to maintain warranty services with dedicated and responsible attitude to accompany clients in long terms.

In addition, we are focusing on developing services of civil construction and M&E installation. With our disciplined construction team, which improves professional skills all
the time, together with the modern construction machinery, we are confident to become your reasonable choice in many projects.

Progressing and fabricating mechanical products in industrial and civil engineering

  • Lathe mechanical parts with large diameter (max 4m)
  • Lathe mechanical parts with long size (max 5m)
  • Progressing, cutting CNC wire, fabricating template mould
  • Progressing, rolling sheet steel (thickness of sheet steel up to 50mm)
  • Progressing, fabricating steel pipes with thick wall and big size
  • Produce all types of U bolt used for executing steel cage

Fabricating steel structure and executing, erecting of pre-cast workshop

Manufacturing and executing erection of steel structures.

Executing the construction

Installing M&E system (electric, water, fire protection)

  • Executing and installation of transformer station
  • Executing the industrial and civil M&E system

Designing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, auxiliary machinery to serve the field of geotechnical survey and support construction works.

Repairing and upgrading machinery equipment to serve construction and geotechnical survey.

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