In the spirit of technology development, Technical World invested in the Structure Monitoring & Load Testing Equipment System manufactured by Bridge Diagnostics, Inc. (BDI) - USA. Our monitoring equipment can satisfy all types of load test for beam bridges, truss bridges, box girder bridges, railway bridges and even other types of structures (civil and industrial buildings, harbor wharf, antenna tower etc).

This system is an advanced bridge load testing instrumentation: measurement data is collected automatically through wireless connection and stored in computer on site, field collected data will be processed and analyzed by a specialized program to provide actual load results. With Bridge load testing equipment technology transferred by BDI, we have
the condition to improve quality of load testing works for bridges with following advantages:

  • Field data shall be collected automatically via wireless connection (to avoid errors of reader), short load testing time (reduce time of stopping cars or blocking the bridge during the testing process).
  • Continuously running Data Acquisition will collect measurement data, create abundant data sources to serve assessment works. Mobile load test of bridges will reflect the real load of vehicle running across bridges.
  • Measurement data, which was obtained in the actual works, will be processed and calculated by a specialized program to provide accurate results of actual load.

Vietnam urban planning landscape was formed and developed very quickly on the complex, challenging and unique geological ground condition of Vietnam, where there are plenty of rivers, large seaside area. As evident in recent years with the increasing trend for High-rise development projects, a safe and cost effective foundation design is becoming one of the key project design consideration. Therefore, cost; conscious investors are focusing on finding; optimal foundation solutions to ensure safety of; future buildings as well as to ensure nearby; buildings will not be impacted during the; construction process.

Arising from the field of geotechnical engineering and foundation, Technical World is highly aware of the key role of finding an economical foundation solution but still being able to satisfy all requirements from clients whilst able to best adapt to actual site specific conditions. Over years, after being intensively trained, our engineer team researched successfully preeminent foundation solutions to apply to actual condition of many complex foundation design projects in Vietnam.

From civil to transportation, infrastructure works, we always assure that we will provide solid and lasting design for all construction projects and work closely with clients in all design stages.


Our construction consulting services are always supported, advised and cooperated with leading international companies in construction sector such as Bauer Group (Specialist Foundation Contractor - the Federal Republic of Germany), GUD consult GmbH (design consultant of foundation - the Federal Republic of Germany).

In large scaled projects, which require complicated solutions of foundation structure on soft soil, our longtime partners such as Bauer and GUD cooperate with us to offer the most optimized and cost saving foundation solutions to investors. 

Beside technical benefits, Technical World are able to complement our international consultant partners with our deep understanding of local construction practices, marketing requirement and our general unique insight of the Vietnam construction market. It is these attributes which Technical World can offer that more and more international construction consulting companies are seeking partnership and/or collaboration discussions with us which of course will greatly benefit our Clients.

We successfully collaborated to deliver the best thorough solutions to investor of projects such as the CT2 Exchange City Urban: Tu Liem - Ha Noi, The Everrich II: District 7 – HCMC, PVFCCO Building: 43 Mac Dinh Chi - District 1 - HCMC etc.

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