Starting construction "To Ong Vang High Quality Preschool"

12/12/2013, 11:01
December 11st, 2013, To Ong Vang High Quality Preschool Project was officially started up at Tam Hiep Hamlet 1, Dinh Quan Town, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province. This model is the first private kindergarten in Dinh Quan District and is one of the few preschools are from large-scale investment in Dong Nai province.

Dinh Quan which is a mountainous in the North of Dong Nai Province, and about 120 km away from Ho Chi Minh City has many development in economic society, therefore people’s life are increasing. Currently, the nursery schools in the area are having troubles with overcrowding in the number of students and limited facilities condition. It is not only happen in Dinh Quan but also with the others neighbor districts. This situation still exists and the construction of high quality pre-school is always interested by local government.

According to actual demand and enthusiasm for the development of educational models in developing locals, Technical World Education Investment and Development Joint Stock Company has decided to invest To Ong Vang High Quality Preschool Project in Dinh Quan Town, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province. The project has received consent and support of People's Committee of Dinh Quan District and relevant departments.

To Ong Vang High Quality Preschool Project is built on an area about 6400 square with 3 suites and functional areas, with national standards of pre - school. To Ong Vang includes 20 air – conditioned classrooms, 2 indoor playrooms, 1 media rooms, 1 traning physical and talent room, 1 library, 1 English room, 2 dining rooms, outdoor playground, pool and shading - tree area. All are equipped with modern international standards and designed to ensure safety for the children. Besides investing in modern material facilities, we attend on teaching quality with a team of professional advisors who are experienced, passionate, many years holding in management positions or important positions in many reliable preschools in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai province. With advanced education form base on the program of the Ministry of Education, To Ong Vang High Quality Preschool aims to build a trusted educational environment, safety and friendly, where teachers and students always feel comfortable in teaching and learning.

In addition to the Preschool Project, Technical World Education Investment and Development Joint Stock Company also builds a language center, which provides the needs of young people and local people with many several of teaching programs, team of professional teachers and foreign teachers. Therefore, there is a library of books and e-books and documents, for the students to search, read and update much useful information. Also in this campus, Café-book will be built as an exciting destination for locals.

The Construction begins today and is expected to be completed within 8 months to put into operation in lately August, 2014, to provide the increasing needs of Dinh Quan Town’ people and the neighbours.

With the Preschool model and high quality foreign language center, it is promised to be the brightest education at Dinh Quan in general and Dong Nai in particular. 
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